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Michael Nielson

Michael was diagnosed with “aggressive metastatic prostate cancer” in March of 2019.

After surgery to remove the prostate gland and affected tissue surrounding it, 40 daily radiation treatments, and Androgyn Therapy (a type of chemo that removes all testosterone, which this cancer feeds on) the cancer’s growth has been impeded.

Michael continues to do the hormone therapy, and will be on it, in different forms, for the rest of his life. Let’s just say that the many side affects ( osteoporosis which led to a broken back one of the worst) and changes to his body can, in weaker moments, make Michael wonder if it is worth taking them; his husband, family, and friends assure him it is.

Growing up in Bountiful, michael went to “Hollywood” to pursue an acting career. Though he did have some luck through the years with commercials and independent films, becoming a member of SAG, he found he didn’t want it badly enough to pursue.

Michael stumbled in to working in costumes for Television and Film, retiring after 20 years of being a costume designer.

But his first love was theatre. In LA he produced, designed, and directed the LA premier of the off Broadway hit PAGEANT. Tiring of LA, Michael moved back to Utah in 2007.

Since then he has run the CenterPoint Theatre costume shop, acted, performed, designed, and directed many shows for several different Utah Production Companies.

When asked which he preferred - designing, performing, directing - he answers, “Yes”.

Sadly, his health has forced him to “retire” from most all theatre. This, and the way his condition affects his husband and loved ones is the hardest part of all. He is so lucky to have a loving, understanding care-giver in his husband, Al, Comfort and smiles from their fur babies, and lots of love and support from family and friends - including Carol Madsen, the director of this show - who was one of his first theatre friends here; and with whom he has worked several times.

Theatre has brought such joy and amazing people in his life. This honor and encouragement from HopeBox Theatre and the cast and production team of THE DROWSY CHAPERONE means so much to him and helps tremendously in keeping him positive and hopeful. Fun fact: DROWSY is one of Michael and Al’s favorite musicals! They have designed the show, and Michael played the Underling opposite Carol’s Mrs. Tottendale.


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