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The Hopebox Theatre is built on the power of the performing arts to help people heal.  As a four time cancer survivor, our founder Jan Williams has known first hand the struggle and strain that cancer puts on an individual, their family, and their community. It was during her third battle with cancer during an especially difficult treatment that the vision of the Hopebox came to be. A group of her theater students had come to her doorstep one evening to sing some of her favorite broadway show tunes and provide love, support and the hope that Jan would have a better tomorrow. This event changed her life forever! It brought her hope... so much hope that suddenly she didn’t feel sick or even tired. In fact, that night she couldn’t sleep because she was so overwhelmed with the love and hope that she felt! 


As a result, Jan was inspired to start the Hopebox Theatre. She wanted to be able to give back to those who were also struggling with cancer by paying it forward. Jan felt like that experience at her doorstep brought her new life, renewed joy and especially a bright hope for her future! So even though she didn’t know whether or not she was going to beat her cancer, she went out with her beautiful bald head and found an amazing partner Curtis Dalton, who also believed in her intended mission. “To Bring Hope to Families Battling Cancer through the Performing Arts!” Curtis' family had also felt the effects of cancer when his mother passed away from cancer when he was nine years old. This theatre has been a perfect way for him to honor and cherish his mother. So with a lot of faith, Jan’s experience with theatre and Curtis’ background in construction, these new partners purchased a vacant church building in Kaysville that Jan had been keeping her eye on. They knew the moment they walked into the space that this is where the Hopebox should be! A couple months later, as renovations were underway for the new theatre, another friend, Derek Raynor came aboard as the third partner in this new adventure. Derek brought unique expertise and experience in theatrical technical design and together they started a not-for-profit organization called "The Hopebox Theatre of the Performing Arts!" It was a dream come true for all of them!

In Jan’s own words….

”At times I’ve questioned why God has kept me alive. I’m so thankful to be able to see my vision realized by being able to soften the effects of cancer to an individual and their family! It is truly a dream come true! There is no place I’d rather be, than working at this theatre! We may be small, but our mission is great and we are making a positive impact... one life at a time!  I feel so blessed to be helping families in our community find hope during one of the hardest times in their life!”

Every person, every production, everything we do at the Hopebox Theatre is driven by our mission as we strive to bring hope and light into the lives of those who are battling dark times. We invite you to join us and be part of our Hopebox Family in whatever way you can. Whether that's on stage, as a part of a production team, behind the scenes, in the audience, or as a sponsor... we want to share our mission with you and those you love.


Welcome to the Hopebox Theatre!   


~Bringing Hope to Families Battling Cancer through the Performing Arts~

Our Story & Mission

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