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Bruce Hassard

For over 30 years Bruce has loved being a husband and father, taking his family into the outdoors and spending time with them as much as possible. He has also enjoyed nearly 30 years teaching elementary school, mostly in second and third grade.  He loved watching his students have the light of understanding turn on, as they laughed and enjoyed class. He would also draw poster-sized pictures of animals for his students for Christmas presents and as a farewell present at the end of each year. Over the years, Bruce has given away well over 1400 pictures to his students.

 About 5 years ago the first tumor surfaced. Since then, Bruce has had two surgeries, radiation, and three different rounds of chemo.  He is currently battling a large tumor in his liver. Bruce tries to make the most of his time with his wife and family now, and is hopeful for relief from the cancer and treatments soon.

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