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Sara Christensen

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Everything in my life was going great! My business with my sister was really taking off and I was expecting my first grandchild in September. I visited my Primary Care Physician and she got after me for not having regular mammograms. I quit getting them because there is no cancer in my family and I live a healthy life. But I promised her I would go in. The mammogram was just a routine procedure, but they called me the next day and asked me to come back in. They had found a lump, that was the size of a large lime.At that point, they did a biopsy of the lump and found that it was "her2 positive," a type of fast growing breast cancer.We met with an oncologist the next day and he explained that I would need to go through chemotherapy before I have a mastectomy. I started chemo the next week.I feel so grateful that my doctor insisted that I get a mammogram. I'm so grateful for all of the kind people who have offered prayers and support on my behalf.I am 52 years old and will have a double mastectomy in November.


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