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Michel Britte

In February of 2019, Michel Britte was in the Fort Lauderdale airport after a family vacation when he had a seizure. A local hospital discovered a massive brain tumor, and after a series of miracles, the family was finally able to make it home to Utah for surgery. The diagnosis turned out to be glioblastoma, an agressive form of brain cancer which carries a prognosis of 14-17 months. Michel, however, is a warrior and is about to double that prognosis, showing just how determined and brave he is. He’s now had 3 surgeries and countless rounds of treatments, including medial trials in the hopes of contributing to more effective treatments for others. Throughout these past 3 years, he has still been able to be a husband and father to his 3 children and has been able to serve his community as club and high school soccer coach. He recently stopped both coaching and working as the cancer has progressively become more tricky to manage. He has inspired many on his journey as he has faced each day with more optimism than even his family imagined.

Michel is originally from Belgium, and after moving to the US in 1990 for college, he met his lovely wife, Noelle. together they have 3 children: Audree, Alec and Abbie. Michel has a love for playing and coaching soccer, and has coached for local clubs and at Bountiful High School. You can follow Michel's story at his Instagram account @brittefamilyupdates (#BritteBatalian) where he has been sharing his story to uplift and to support those who are also going through tough times.


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