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Leslie Northam

Updated: Mar 22, 2019

Hi! My name is Leslie Northam and I am so completely honored and delighted to be this shows

recipient of the Wall of Hope honor here at the Hopebox Theater. Thank you so much for


My cancer journey started back in April of 2018 when I graduated from nursing school. Two

weeks later on May 9 th , I was diagnosed with uterine or endometrial cancer. I took my licensing

boards before starting treatment and then got to work killing cancer. I had a hysterectomy on

June 7 th , and my cancer was staged at stage 3 carcinosarcoma or MMMT. This cancer is very

rare and highly aggressive and by July 4 th , it had already metastasized to stage 4. I was quickly

started on chemotherapy to which I had two separate allergic reactions so they changed my drug

to one I could tolerate.

My first round of treatment we thought was successful and on November 30 th , I was declared

NED (no evidence of disease). However, on December 12th, the doctors had found several tiny

tumors growing inside of my abdomen. Chemo was again started but this time it didn’t look to

good. My sweetheart husband found a doctor in Houston, Texas that has specialized in this rare

cancer and he has been willing to work with my oncologist here in Utah and we are currently

working on a new treatment. I travel back and forth to Houston for restaging and follow up


I do have a Facebook page that I update regularly with my goings on and if you are interested to

hear some more of my story please follow me on Facebook at Leslie’s cancer journey @ Cancer

is the worst.


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