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Kilee Terry

On May 25, 2022, just six days before her 22nd birthday, Kylee woke in the middle of the night with extreme chest pain. She took an at-home

Covid test which was positive and tried to wait out the pain. The pain continued to increase and she was taken to the local ER for more testing and pain management.

Her lab results indicated that she had a pulmonary embolism which was causing severe strain on her heart replicating a heart attack, pneumonia, covid, and a bleeding ulcer. Kylee is no stranger to medical treatments. Her medical journey started when she was 12 and was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She has successfully managed diabetes for 10 years.

Another doctor in the ER also noticed lab results indicating Leukemia. Within an hour they had her loaded in an ambulance on the way to LDS Hospital. What appeared to be COVID quickly became APL Leukemia. She spent over a month in the hospital and has just begun 8 months of chemotherapy treatments (5 days a week).

She is thrilled to have been chosen as the Wall of Hope Recipient for “Little Women.” She loves the strong female role models in the play and identifies most with the character of “Beth.” Kylee is kind, reserved, selfless, and noble just like Beth.

Her husband Jacob and her parents Boyd & Janece (of Bone Drywall) are long-time supporters of Hopebox Theatre. They are hoping for the miracle of keeping Kylee in their lives and are grateful for any monetary or emotional support as they begin their cancer journey together.


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