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Joshua French

"Nobody expects to get a gut punch just weeks before Christmas, but I did when I saw my wife's face go white as she heard what I heard over the speaker on my cell: leukemia. We were heading into the ER in Provo when my primary doctor called and dropped the bombshell. I had for weeks speculated that it might be some kind of cancer considering my lymph nodes on the back of my neck had swollen to the size of plums. After several misdiagnoses and several negatives for Covid they finally found why I had been so tired as of late. See, I'm used to 15 to 18 hr days, especially if I'm back in the theater or filming. But this time I was beyond exhausted and nothing I seemed to do would rectify the situation.

Now working with a team of doctors over at LDS Hospital, I was diagnosed in full with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Many people have asked what stage I am in and unfortunately there are no stages, think about getting thrown in the deep end of the pool - you're either swimming or you're not. It's a real stinker, in fact both Careshmeh and I stopped reading about it when we read the mortality rate of this type of cancer ; it's a killer. Still, if you know me then you know I love a great storm and if we're going to go through it then it better be a good one!

As for my attitude, I think I am doing quite well considering all the tests. And I mean all the tests! Ff you name it, I've done it. And probably several times. I've got an amazing support system with family and friends and my lovely bride hasn't left my side once during this campaign. So if there is

anything else, just ask. God is good and I'm simply enjoying the lesson."


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