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Joanne Davis

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Joanne Davis is a loving wife of 16 years to Garrett Davis, and mother of 4 beautiful children. She loves anything colored blue or yellow, horses, and chocolate flavored Twizzlers. She is a woman of great faith and conviction who relishes the changing of the leaves in Fall.

Joanne is battling her 3rd round of cancer in 2022. Her battle began in 2012 with a brain tumor located in her right frontal lobe when she was pregnant with her third child. Because of her pregnancy, diagnoses and treatment did not occur until July 2012. After surgery, the pathology report showed it was a slow growing, grade 2 Astrocytoma. The tumor didn’t grow for 3 years after surgery. She then started 6 weeks of daily radiation and completed 6 months of oral chemotherapy.

Brain Tumor #2 was found in her brain stem (an inoperable location) in 2021, when her face went numb on the right side, and concluded in August 2022. She underwent another 6 weeks of radiation and completed 12 more months of oral chemotherapy. The MRI in August showed that tumor #2 was eradicated. However, that tumor left its mark and gave her Trigeminal Neuralgia. She has up to 50 extremely painful electrical like shocks on the right side of her face each day.

In November 2022, (just 2 ½ months after feeling that she had won her battle with cancer) Joanne’s 33rd MRI showed a 3rd tumor growing again in the right frontal lobe. It appeared that the cancer had mutated, and it was growing in the same spot her original tumor had formed. She had brain surgery #2 just before Christmas, to have that tumor removed. She began the arduous process of a more powerful chemotherapy right before New Year’s.

Her undeterred optimism, love & strength from her husband, Garrett, strength from her beautiful children (ages 15 yrs.-3 yrs.) as well as her faith in God urge her on in her valiant battle.

A favorite quote inspires her daily optimism: “Faith is total trust in Him… Faith is knowing that although our power is limited, His is not. The Lord told us to expect troubles. Troubles are part of the plan and do not mean you’ve been abandoned; they are part of His Plan, and they are part of what it means to be His. He was, after all, “a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief.” – Dennis E. Simmons


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