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Gina Taylor

Gina Taylor was born in Camarillo, California and moved to Utah during her high school years. She is a mother to 3 girls (all currently engaged to be married), and wife to an amazing husband. She is someone who is generous with pretty much anyone she meets. Gina lives in Salt Lake City and has always been pretty involved in her community and especially involved in the arts. Her daughters all danced growing up and even though they have all been graduated for a while, she continued to work with the dance studio they danced at up until her diagnosis. She’s a big supporter of the arts and loves to promote it whenever she can. She also worked as part of the film crew on the set of the chosen. Gina has a passion for so many things, including: reading, learning, traveling, all things London, art, music, theater and films. She has volunteered for the Pioneer Theater, The Paralympics in 2002, and Sundance. Gina was diagnosed with colon cancer in Dec. 2021. About a month after her diagnosis she broke her knee which required her to bedridden for about 2 months. She also underwent a surgery treatment for the cancer and is now doing chemotherapy for the next six months. A week into her first chemo infusion, she got a major blood clot in her non-broken leg. She had to go to the ER and it basically made her immobile. Throughout all of this though Gina has stayed pretty resilient. She’s said it’s definitely made her empathetic for people with cancer and also people with mental health issues, just because of how much she’s already experienced since she was diagnosed.


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