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Dyanne Arbuckle

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Dyanne is a daughter, mother, grandmother, neighbor, and friend who has never let cancer stop her from caring for everyone in her life. She is a mother of two and grandmother of four. She is no stranger to cancer having several family members that have had or are currently battling this horrible disease.

She is currently in her third battle with cancer. Her first round was colorectal cancer. She went through radiation, chemo and multiple surgeries over 8 years; treatments which permanently altered her life. She will continue to have several limitations and restrictions due to these treatments. She has been known to say; “Cancer didn’t take my life, but it did take my lifestyle.” She has learned to adapt and overcome these side effects as best as she can and perseveres through day-to-day life.

Her second battle with cancer wasn’t a reoccurrence, it was a new beast… or rather, breast. Luckily, it was caught very early. She had multiple biopsies, two surgeries and radiation. Follow-up scans and tests were “clean” for one year. Then, unexpectedly, it was back. She opted for a full mastectomy, to prevent another relapse. The surgery was successful however, during her recovery she developed an infection that would require several weeks of IV antibiotics and another surgery. Despite this hiccup in the plan, she healed enough to begin the reconstruction process. She will need at least one more surgery.

She continues to have daily battles with fatigue, brain fog, and movement restrictions. Despite all this, Dyanne finds a way to do most of the things she has always loved to do. She is always available to sit and read books with her grandkids, take care of her yard, and she even hosts family dinner at her home once a week. She prefers serving others to being served herself yet this trial has allowed her to become more willing to accept other’s offers of service to her and her family.

Dyanne is so grateful to be chosen as a Wall of Hope recipient. She is excited to absorb the energy and encouragement from the entire Hopebox clan, including past Wall of Hope recipients. She would like to thank the cast, production team, and choir members for all the love, support, and hope they are giving her and her family. It’s such a blessing to know that she will forever be a part of such a wonderful cast and production.

Click below to watch a short thank you video from Dyanne Arbuckle


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