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Logan Knapp

We took Logan to the Emergency Room at Primary Children's January 18th for a suspected broken collarbone. He had slid head first and backwards down a slide at the park and his shoulder pain had gotten increasingly worse for a couple of days. While going over his medical history, I mentioned to the ER doctor that Logan looked a little pale to me, but other than that everything was normal. Several x-rays later, there was no sign of anything broken but his blood test results for his pale color revealed Logan had Leukemia. We are coming up on 2 months since his diagnosis and Logan has hit almost every speed bump possible, as far as side effects go. The first medication he took, increased the pressure in his eyes so high that he had to have emergency surgery to save his eyesight. Doctors were hopeful that his first bone marrow biopsy would come back with no detectable cancer, but unfortunately it didn't. That placed him in a higher risk category of Leukemia and made his road ahead a little more difficult. Just last week, Logan had a severe allergic reaction to a different medication, causing him to go into anaphylactic shock. He received two epi pen injections before turning completely blue and losing consciousness. They called a code blue and doctors were able to revive him and we could not be more thankful. Logan has had a short but rough road. He continues to be SO resilient, positive, funny and energetic despite what life has thrown his way. We are so proud to be his family and hope and pray this treatment and experience gets easier for him in the super near future.


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