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Cast Bios

Photo Credits: Ryan Bruckman

Meet our wonderful actors!

CMIYC cast-17.jpg


Frank Abagnale Jr.

This is Holden’s first time performing at The Hopebox and although he may be new to this theatre - he is no novice to the stage. Having performed at Hale Center Theatre, Centerpoint Legacy theatre, the Marriott Center for Dance and others, Holden is humbled to have the opportunity to gather together as a theatre family to bring hope to families battling cancer through the performing arts. Here’s to you Leslie!

CMIYC cast-28.jpg


Frank Abagnale Sr.

This is Jason’s first show at the Hopebox Theatre and he is delighted to share in this experience to assist those suffering with cancer. Go Leslie! Jason has performed with CenterPoint Legacy Theater, the Sandy Arts Guild, and many others for years and years. He earned a BA in music as a tuba player at the U, and works as a mailman in Cottonwood Heights, where he lives with his loving wife Amy and their kids.

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Brenda Strong

Morgan Fenner Western (Brenda)
Morgan has her Bachelors in Acting and has performed at Hale Centre Theatre, Centerpoint legacy Theatre, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, The Utah Children’s Theatre and others. She is grateful for the opportunity to perform with her husband, Zackery, and humbled that she gets to use her talents to support her Aunt Leslie. “So Good!”

CMIYC cast-16.jpg


Roger Strong

BRADLEY HATCH is overjoyed to be back at the Hopebox Theatre! Bradley has returned to theatre after a close to 10 year hiatus a few years ago and hasn't looked back. You may have seen him in productions around the valley Including as Kevin in IN THE HEIGHTS and in the YOU BET YOUR BLACK ASS BROADWAY Cabaret with the Good Company Theatre and as Citizen Chauvelin in SCARLET PIMPERNEL at the Hopebox Theatre. Other Credits include Mr. Applegate in DAMN YANKEES also with the Hopebox Theatre, Tommy Albright in BRIGADOON with the Draper Arts Council, and multiple production credits across the valley.

CMIYC cast-26.jpg


Agent Cod

Kurt is delighted to be returning to the Hopebox’s stage
after making his debut in White Christmas as Phil Davis. Since finding his love for the art of
storytelling over ten years ago, he has enjoyed performing upon stages all over
the Wasatch Front. Some of his favorite
credits have been Mary Sunshine (Chicago), Seymour (Little Shop of Horrors),
Linus van Pelt (YAGMCB), Scuttle (The Little Mermaid), and Al (A Chorus
Line). Kurt lives in Salt Lake and works
as an accountant for a property management company. As always, he is indubitably grateful for the
support of his family and friends as well as Willow.

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Brenda u/s Female Ensemble

This is Emma’s first time flying with Jet Set. She’s enjoyed slipping into someone else’s skin, from ‘Catch Me If You Can’ to ‘Footloose’. With years of love for the Performing Arts, Emma has jumped at every opportunity to perform. Along with each production comes a new learning experience, and more memories for her to cherish. With an exceptional cast assisting her, she’s thrilled to be on stage once again.

CMIYC cast-37.jpg



This is Amaris' 4th show at Hopebox and she couldn't be more excited! Last seen as the regal Queen Anne in Three Musketeers, this show is the opposite with it's high energy and exciting dance numbers. As a family practice nurse by day and a performing nurse by night, she's always ready to take doctor's orders.

CMIYC cast-21.jpg



Arianna is so excited to be a part of this brilliant show. This is Arianna’s second production at the Hopebox theater and she is grateful to be performing for such a great cause. Arianna has appeared in The Scarlet Pimpernel, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Fiddler on the Roof, to name a few. When she isn’t performing you can find her cuddled up with a good book or painting with acrylics.

CMIYC cast-18.jpg



Nash is a senior at Davis High and has done theatre since 9th grade! He has done shows at Centerpoint Theatre, Terrace plaza playhouse, and shows in Clearfield and Syracuse! Nash loves the message Hopebox gives and is excited to be doing his 3rd show here! Now sit back relax and enjoy the show!

CMIYC cast-38.jpg



Evan Brown is a fine young man who enjoys musical theater and the experiences that come with community theater in general. This is his first show at the hopebox and he is so honored to be promoting such a great cause for Leslie and her family at this time.
Hope you enjoy the show! Peace and love to all!

CMIYC cast-22.jpg



Brent is almost always involved in a stage production, whether onstage or behind-the-scenes. He graduated from Weber State University with a BA in English and Theatre Arts. Last summer, he rented the Hopebox space to direct a production of The Crazy Escape, a play he wrote himself. Catch Me If You Can is the 8th Hopebox production Brent has done. He loves performing at a theater dedicated to such a worthy cause.

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Carl Hanratty

Zackery is especially proud to be a part of the Hopebox Theatre’s mission to bring hope to families battling cancer through the performing arts. He has previously performed at Centerpoint Legacy Theatre, the Sandy Arts Guild, and the Utah Children’s Theatre in several productions. He is happy to be working with his wonderful wife Morgan and his best friends. "Much love to Aunt Leslie and the whole Downs Ohana!"

CMIYC cast-24.jpg


Paula Abagnale

I started taking piano lessons when I was 4 years old and haven’t stopped performing ever since. I have 5 children and one cute granddaughter. I am currently a stay-at-home-schooling mom and private piano and vocal instructor. This is my first performance with Hope Box and I couldn’t be happier to be extending my theater family with these crazy bunches of talented peeps.



Carol Strong

Liz is tickled pink to make her debut at the Hopebox Theatre. This is by far the most fun she’s ever had with a character. 

She wants to thank her grandmother and Aunt Julie for being her inspiration for this role and showing her how to be a true southern lady. 

She’s not usually on stage, but rather….behind it as a Stage Manager for various theaters in Utah. Enjoy the show and y’all come back now ya hear?!

CMIYC cast-33.jpg


Cheryl Ann

"Windy is so glad to be a part of this show with her Hopebox family, and considers this theater to be one of her life's biggest blessings. Catch Me if you Can is her 7th show at the Hopebox, and her favorite role was Julia from The Wedding Singer. When she's not playing a sexy nurse/escort/showgirl, Windy can usually be found teaching(wrangling?) her students, jamming to music in the car, or watching SciFi while enjoying a hot cup of tea. Thanks to the production team and Hopebox for this amazing opportunity!"

CMIYC cast-25.jpg


Agent Dollar

Tom is excited to be performing at the Hopebox Theater for the second time. He is grateful for the positive environment that the Hopebox provides and is happy to lend a hand in promoting the theater's noble mission. Being a part of this show has been equal parts challenging and rewarding, and he's sure that the story will bring joy to all who come see it.

CMIYC cast-35.jpg



Lexie is so happy to be back performing at the Hopebox. She is so excited to be part of this show, having been a long time fan of it’s fun music, and wild story. She is very humbled and grateful for the experience to be a part of this show and doing it for such a great cause. She has loved being able to dance in all these fun songs and play such sassy characters!

CMIYC cast-20.jpg



Alison is excited to be making her debut at The Hopebox Theatre. She has been dancing since the age of 3 and loves to perform. She has previously performed in Thouroughly Modern Millie and Crazy For You. She is currently studying dance at Weber State University. She would like to thank her wonderful family and husband for all their love and support.

CMIYC cast-31.jpg


Agent Branton

After an injury left me unable to walk last season I am so happy to be a part of this amazing show as my first back on stage, (and 15th overall) at the Hopebox. This amazing place has given me a chance to learn how to run sound and lights, be a choreographer, co-director and acting coach all while doing something that I love. There is nothing more motivating then learning something to help someone else. My favorite character role to date has been Scuttle in the Little Mermaid. “Just for today, think of the pain as the sensation of your spirit refusing to quit.”

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