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Audition Information

The Hopebox Theatre is excited to announce auditions for Seussical the Musical. This production will be directed by Alyn Bone.

Live Auditions will be held on Saturday, May 6th from 8am-10am and 11:30am-1pm, at the Hopebox Theatre, located at 1700 Frontage Rd, Kaysville, UT.


There will be a mandatory dance audition from 10 am-11:30 am, where the dance will be taught on that day.

Callbacks will be held May 9th, 7pm-11pm. 
**Not all those who are considered/cast will be needed at callback.**

  1. Please prepare one song 16-32 bars, in the style of the show but not from the show. Please bring with you a backing track for your audition. The track must not have any vocals (including backing vocals). We will have equipment to play from iPhones and Android phones. Backing tracks are encouraged, however, if you are relying on piano accompaniment, please prepare sheet music in the correct key for the audition pianist. It is possible we may cut your song off so if you have a great finish, you want us to hear, start somewhere in the middle. For the same reason, if the song is very long, please know the time at which you need to start/finish the backing track. Be sure to choose a song with a strong character. We want to see you act through your song. We are looking for strong vocal and acting ability in this audition. A range check or harmony check may be done at auditions or call-backs. The director may give additional instructions in the audition.

  2. All roles are open, and we are looking for those ages 15 and over, except for the role of Jo Jo we are looking for someone between the ages of 10-14 with a strong soprano voice. However, some families can be cast with children as “Who’s”. This means that if young children desire to be in the show their parent(s) need to audition with them. The only way a child under 15 (except for Jo Jo) can be in the show is if a parent will audition with them.

  3. Dance Auditions: everyone is required at the dance audition. It is more or less a movement audition. We require people of varying movement abilities so get in there and give it a go. It will be on Saturday May 6th, the same day as auditions, from 10-11:30 am. Wear loose clothing and jazz shoes/sneakers. Bring water with you.

  4. Please be prepared to disclose conflicts from May 13-August 19th. 

Rehearsals will typically be Tues, Wed, Thurs evenings from 7:15 to 10:15 PM and Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

The production runs July 28th-August 19th.


A musical perfect for the whole family, Seussical takes us into the world of Dr. Seuss, where we revisit beloved characters including The Cat in the Hat, Horton the Elephant, Gertrude McFuzz, Lazy Mayzie, and JoJo. The Cat in the Hat guides us into The Jungle of Nool where we see Horton, the kind hearted elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing Whoville. He meets JoJo, a Who child sent to military school for thinking too many “thinks.” Horton decides he must protect the speck of dust on a nearby clover, while at the same time protecting an abandoned egg left to his care by the lazy Mayzie la Bird. Horton tries to convince the other animals in The Jungle of the existence of the Whos, but he is ridiculed and put on trial for insanity. Only his loyal neighbor, Gertrude McFuzz, never loses faith in him. Eventually, the two fall in love. Now one of the most widely produced musicals in the country, Seussical weaves a story of friendship, loyalty, and love. Despite all odds, Horton and Gertrude band together to save the Whos, free Horton, and restore peace and unity to the Jungle of Nool. Charming Seussical teaches us the power of being unique, and the importance of fighting for your beliefs.


Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty

Performance Dates

Jul 28, 2023 - Aug 19, 2023


Hopebox Theatre
1700 Frontage Rd, Kaysville, UT

Role Title: The Cat in the Hat

Gender: Any

Age Range: 16 - 35

Description: The essence of mischief, fun and imagination. The Cat stirs things up, causes trouble, but always sets things right again. Is the host and emcee of the evening, playing many comic minor parts throughout the story, sometimes improvising with the audience, and a presence in almost every scene. Strong singer with strong movement skills and comic ability.

Role Title: Horton The Elephant

Gender: Male

Age Range: 20 - 40

Description: An elephant and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. Gentle, big-hearted, appealing. He is very imaginative and believes in the world’s goodness. He is responsible and always tries to do the right thing for his friends. He is responsible for saving the planet Who and in doing so befriends JoJo. Strong singer/actor with good comic timing.

Role Title: Gertrude McFuzz

Gender: Female

Age Range: 18 - 30

Description: A bird and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. Very self-conscious, shy, and nervous at first, she grows into a kind and caring protector. Is in love with Horton and does what she can to get his attention, including foolishly growing an enormous feathered tail. She is a bit naïve at times, but always is a voice of reason. Strong singer/actor with good movement skills and comic timing.

Role Title: Jojo

Gender: Any

Age Range: 10 - 14

Description: Male or female. A young boy. JoJo is a Who and is the only child of the mayor and his wife. A "Thinker"--a smart child with a wild imagination. A little bit awkward, a little bit of a loner, or simply a rambunctious kid whose 'Thinks' get him into constant trouble. In the end, his Thinks save his planet. Strong soprano singer/actor.

Role Title: Mayzie La Bird

Gender: Female

Age Range: 25 - 35

Description: A bird and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. Self- centered, selfish and vain. She manipulates anyone she can (especially Horton) into doing what she wants, but she isn’t all bad. Strong singer/actor with strong movement skills. Very comic.

Role Title: Mr. Mayor

Gender: Male

Age Range: 30 - 50

Description: A Who. The Mayor of Whoville and JoJo’s Dad. He and his wife try hard to raise a difficult child in a difficult world. They may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing, even if it turns out to be a mistake. Strong singer/actor.

Role Title: Mrs. Mayor

Gender: Female

Age Range: 25 - 45

Description: The Mayor’s Wife and JoJo’s Mom. Her and her husband try hard to raise a difficult child in a difficult world. They may get aggravated with JoJo, but they love him dearly and try to do the right thing, even if it turns out to be a mistake. Strong singer/actor.

Role Title: Sour Kangaroo

Gender: Female

Age Range: 25 - 40

Description: A kangaroo and a citizen of the Jungle of Nool. She isn't really sour at all. She's just got a lot of attitude. She's loud, brassy and a lot of fun. Is the main antagonist and the cause of all Horton’s trouble. A strong singer/actor with good comic ability and soulful singing. Think Patti LaBelle meets a Desperate Housewife.

Role Title: Wickersham Brothers

Gender: Any

Age Range: 17 - 35

Description: Three monkey brothers and citizens of the Jungle of Nool. These are not bad guys! They're simply a lot like kids who tease, play pranks and get a kick out of making mischief, although often at others' expense. They side with the Sour Kangaroo in her campaign against Horton and cause more trouble for poor Horton. Strong singer/movers with lots of soulful singing, much like a hip hop group.

Role Title: Bird Girls

Gender: Female

Age Range: 19 - 30

Description: Three sassy birds and citizens of the Jungle of Nool. The popular girls in any school--a clique of pretty, self-centered "back up birds" who do whatever Mayzie does. They often act as storytellers, picking up where The Cat left off. A big presence throughout the evening. Good singer/movers with lots of soulful, sassy singing.

Role Title: General Gengus Khan Schmitz

Gender: Any

Age Range: 30 - 60

Description: A Who. A General who is bursting with pride at the military academy he runs, and the boys he turns out. He is not mean; he honestly thinks he is doing the right thing and is making the world a better place. Strong singer/actor with comic ability.

Role Title: Other Roles

Gender: Any

Age Range: 15 - 100

Description: Yertle the Turle, Vlad Vladikoff, The Grinch, Cadets, Who Citizens, Jungle Animals

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