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Wait Until Dark

Audition Info

Audition Info:

Auditions will be at Hopebox Theatre at 7:00pm - 10:00pm on Thursday, April 13

Callbacks will be at Hopebox Theatre at 10:00am - 1:00pm on Saturday, April 15


Audition Form and Conflict Calendar - 

Audition Form - Wait Until Dark.pdf


Here is the Character Description:

Character Breakdown - Wait Until Dark.pdf


Those who audition will need to prepare a dramatic monologue (No longer than 1 minute)


We will be accepting Video Submissions from April 1st - April 10th.
All video submissions will be sent to:


Please bring hard copies of your Resume/Headshot/Audition Form.

  • They may also be uploaded in the casting manager. We would still prefer you bring a hard copy as well to the audition. 


Our first rehearsal will be on Monday, April 17th. It will be a cast meeting - We will be passing out scripts, a rough rehearsal schedule, doing costume measurements, talking about wall of hope, and sharing the important information for the show. That day is super important to make it to. 


Here is all of my information so if anyone has any questions about auditions or anything you can email or text the stage manager.


Madylin Cook (Stage Manager)


Mike Talman: A con-man who has done a recent stint in prison. Between 25 and 35. Former partner of Lisa and 'Carlino'. Talman is not his real name, though we never discover his, Carlino's or Roat's real names. Talman's job is to get close to Susy Hendrix until she discovers the doll and then get it from her. Gradually he becomes sympathetic to Susy.

Sgt. Carlino: Talman's partner, another con-man who has just been released from prison. Between 25 and 35. Pretends to be a police sergeant in Roat's scheme. Seems to be the most hot-headed of the three.

Harry Roat (Jr and Sr): A sinister and cool-headed villain. The mastermind of the doll scheme. He will stop at nothing to get the doll. Mid 40s. We are never positive of Roat’s real identity. At one point, he pretends to be an old man (Roat Sr.) and his son (Roat Jr.), in order to fool Susy.

Susy Hendrix: The heroine. (20 to to-early 30s). She was blinded a year ago in a car accident. Married to Sam. She is calm, resourceful, and intelligent.

Sam Hendrix: Susy's husband, a photographer. Mid-to-late 20s. Received the doll from Lisa at the airport (not realizing it was filled with heroin) and then misplaced it.

Gloria: The Hendrix's upstairs neighbor. She is 9-13 years old and wears glasses. She helps Susy out with chores and various tasks. She loves Sam but is difficult and petulant when dealing with Susy.

Policemen: Two policemen arrive at the very end, discovering the scene. May be played by the actors who play Carlino and Talman.

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