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Audition Info

Auditions: June 16th,17th   7:00-10:00 pm.

Callbacks by invitation June 18th,

Show Run Aug 14th-29th*  (Please note dates may be subject to change to adhere to CDC and local guidelines regarding COVID-19)

Auditions will be held at Bright Star Academy.


Come with a song from the sound of music for the auditions.  


Song not to exceed more than one minute. 


Please print the audition form and conflict calendar from home.

Click here to download the audition form and conflict calendar.


Please also bring in headshot.


Please wear a mask to auditions and observe social distancing protocol of 6 feet between non-same household members - we will have hand sanitizer and some masks available at the audition if you do not currently have one.

Maria Rainer- (Age: 21-35) SING / DANCE / ACT (mixed soprano)

Maria is a sweet young postulant whose love of freedom makes it obvious to her superiors that she is not suited for religious life at the Nonnberg Abby. Maria is full of energy, passionate, country girl who has a charming but gawky, awkward physicality and personality, naive, naughty, witty, strong- minded, and tomboyish. Needs to have an obvious connection with children and an ability to relate at their level.



Captain Georg Von Trapp- (Age: 35-60) SING / DANCE / ACT (baritone)

A retired very wealthy Austro-Hungarian Naval Lieutenant Commander, distinguished, active, handsome, highly organized and regimented, efficient and very smart. The Captain is a widower with seven children who is strong and firm with a hidden softness.



The Mother Abbess of Nonnberg Abbey- (Age: 40+) SING / ACT (Soprano, wide vocal range)

A true big-hearted mother figure, loved, adored and respected.



Baroness Elsa Schraeder- (Age: 40’s) SING / ACT (mezzo soprano)

A very wealthy widow, who is president of her late husband’s corporation. Elegant, sophisticated city person. Clever and canny and very much into making a good social arrangement


Max Detwieler -(Age: 40-50) SING / DANCE / ACT (Tenor/Baritone)

A theatrical agent and First Secretary of Education and Culture- personal friend of von Trapp and a sort of uncle to his children. He is clever at his job, witty and charming though quite pushy to get what he wants. We are not sure whose side he is on until the last moment. Witt and humor personality of the show.



Liesl Von Trapp -(Age: 16-17) SING / DANCE / ACT (Mezzo)

Eldest daughter of Von Trapp. Innocent, naïve, infatuated with Rolf, pretty but unsophisticated and tends to think everything is wonderful. She has a maternal edge to her and cares very deeply for her younger siblings. Growing up fast with no maternal role model, she represents the juvenile romantic plot.



Rolf Gruber -(Age: 17-18) SING / DANCE / ACT (low tenor)

The other part of the juvenile romantic plot is the telegram delivery boy friend of Lieslblond, self- important, boasting, a very pleasant young man, somewhat aggressive but in a gentle way. Rolf has Hitler as his paternal role model and the Nazi regime as a future goal. He seems to know an enormous amount of what is going on because of his job and seems to relish his spying tactics.



Sister Berthe -Mistress of Novices SING / ACT (Alto)

No nonsense type, officious and very strict. Not a supporter of Maria.


Sister Margaretta -Mistress of Postulants SING / ACT (Mezzo)

Kind and understanding supporter of Maria



Sister Sophia SING / ACT (Soprano)

Dutiful and kind-takes the middle road to avoid controversy.



Friedrich Von Trapp - (Age: 14) SING / DANCE / ACT

Tough exterior, very much trying to be “the man” of the family; desperately needs his father. Must play guitar.



Louisa Von Trapp - (Age: 13) SING / DANCE / ACT 

Likes to play tricks on people and is quite a tomboy; Rebellious attitude. She misses her mother a great deal.


Kurt von Trapp- (age 10) falsetto SING / DANCE / ACT Gentle and mischievous.


Brigitta Von Trapp - (Age: 9) SING / DANCE / ACT

She is a smart avid reader, always says what she thinks and observes well. She is suspicious of ‘Uncle’ Max.


Marta Von Trapp - (Age: 7) SING / DANCE / ACT

Very inquisitive, smart and gentle.



Gretl Von Trapp - (Age: 5) SING / DANCE / ACT

Sweet and loving-doll-like and wants attention. Must have the cute factor.



Franz- The Butler (Non-Singing) ACT

Originally a sort of protector to Captain Von Trapp in the Navy, he is now retired into this position as valet, which he carries out with somber efficiency. He is humorless and appears harmless but underneath we discover he is secretly plotting with the Nazi party Anschluss and might have become a major threat had the family not escaped.



Frau Schmidt –The Housekeeper (Non-singing) ACT

Going slightly deaf, very little personality; she does her job efficiently but without affection. She is strong and somewhat dominating. She has been around a long time and hates the way she is treated with whistles by the Baron. It affects her dignity. She appears to be a thoroughly reliable member of the staff and respected by all.



Herr Zeller (Non-singing) ACT / NAZI MARCH



The Gauleiter-a sort of district governor appointed by the Nazi Regime to prepare the Anschluss. He is overbearing, arrogant and autocratic, self-important and pompous. Stern and unsmiling, a typical Nazi official whose primary concern is to see that everyone toes the line.



Baron Elberfeld (Non-singing) ACT

A neighbor of Captain Von Trapp and one of the “Old Guards” of Austria, violently opposed to the takeover of his beloved country by Nazi Germany. Can double with other roles in the ensemble



Baroness Elberfeld (Non-singing) ACT

A neighbor of Captain Von Trapp and wife to the Baron Elberfeld.


A Postulant ACT

A smart, well-dressed young girl who has a walk-on moment only-no dialogue. Can join with the women nun ensemble.



Admiral von Schreiber (Non-singing) ACT / NAZI MARCH

An important figure in the Austrian Navy and appears to be much respected by Captain von Trapp. He has obviously agreed to be part of the new regime with Germany.



Saengerbund of Herwegen Trio (Non-singing) ACT

Three person performance group who wins 3rd place in the Festival Concert.



Fraulein Schweiger (Non-singing) ACT

Female performer who wins 2nd place in the Festival Concert



ENSEMBLE: - Men / Women: Strong actors needed to perform the onstage roles for the Nazi soldiers, dancing neighbors and friends who come to Captain Von Trapp’s party, Salzburg citizens, and Georg’s friends of naval background who participate in the Festival Concert. Strong actors, singers and dancers are also needed to perform “The Lonely Goatherd” scene. -



Women: Strong actors and singers needed to compose the nuns, novices, and postulants who live in the Nonnberg Abby.

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