Annie Get Your Gun

Aug 6 - Aug 28


Our Story and Mission

The Hopebox Theatre is built on the power of the performing arts to help people heal.  As a four time cancer survivor our founder Jan Williams has known first hand the struggle and strain that cancer puts on an individual, their family, and their community. It was during her third battle with cancer during an especially difficult treatment that the vision of the Hopebox came to be. A group of her theater students came to her doorstep one evening and sang broadway show tunes that showed love and support and the hope that Jan would have a better tomorrow. In her own words...

"On the night of January 1, 2014 - I had an emergency surgery that led me to discover that I had stage 3 Ovarian Cancer. As a result, I had to undergo 6 months of Chemotherapy. (This was my 3rd time battling this disease) I would receive a treatment every Friday for a total of 18 treatments. I lost my health, my hair, and especially my energy… but not my spirit! During those difficult times and especially the sleepless nights, I would think of the many kids that I have taught throughout the years, and all the joy that music and the performing arts has brought to me. The only thing that would save me from myself would be listening to music or going and seeing a musical production of some kind! At night, I would take out my little notebook that I would keep by my bedside and write down thoughts as they would come.


After being told that my cancer was in remission and that I was finally cancer free, I was ready to live out my dream and embark on a new adventure! Showstopper Productions & Showstopper Academy was moved to a new home that was created to involve not just me and my Academy students… but the whole community and hopefully many, many more!

Introducing… the Hopebox Theatre! An idea I came up with in the middle of the night during one of my hardest treatments. It's a theater that gives back to those who are struggling, dealing with, or are a survivor of cancer! This is a place where creativity, vision, and talents - combined with love and support can give back to those who need some new ”Hope" in their lives. I want to be able to help friends in our community who are fighting cancer find joy and hope through the performing arts, as I have! The Hopebox Theatre can give hope to you, your family, or a complete stranger - but especially to someone you love! It is a place where family, friends, and a community can come together to help and lift those who need it most!"

                                                                                                                   - Jan Williams (Founder)

From this vision we have our Hopebox mission...

Bringing Hope to Families Battling Cancer through the Performing Arts

Every person, every production, everything we do at the Hopebox is driven by this mission as we strive to bring hope and light into the lives of those who are battling dark times. We invite you to join us and be part of our Hopebox Family in whatever way you can. Whether that's on stage, behind the scenes, or in the audience... we want to share our mission with you and those you love.

Welcome to the Hopebox Theatre!